Actual Day Wedding Images


41 thoughts on “Actual Day Wedding Images

  1. easther from miri srwk..i’m very interested to do my pre wedding photo at sabah such as kundasang..or else u can introduce me the best places in sbh..bcuz i’ve nvr been to sbh now im seaching for photograper or studio in sbah to do the pre wedding there..can u help me?

  2. boleh saya tau senarai lokasi dewan untuk persandingan di kundasang yang boleh di sewa. tolong pm harga untuk sehari semalam.

  3. Hi, my wedding evant is a bit different coz my Full Mass wedding is on saturday and my majlis kahwin is on Sunday. Blh bagi you best quotation utk situasi wedding sy ni??


  4. Hi.. i like the simplicity and precision. i planned on getting married soon. Would like to know 3 things. One, prewed and actual day marriage pic how much it costs? two it comea with a soft copy or framed pic? three, do u do outside kk.. i mean in keningau. Please update me ur price.. thank u very much

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