A Pro-Videoman turn as a Singer : Jason J Bullah

He is one of the great videoman in town! Called as Jason around his friend and family. Talented and smart working is his style. He was working on MTV Karaoke, MTV, Pre-Wedding Video, Actual Wedding Videography, and more. Most of time, he was working with our own artist. His talent was officially recognized by our own artist in Sabah like Andalusia, Rubisa Tiasin (AF7), Dechiper, Jade Sisters, Frontman Company, Esther Applunius, Petrus Boyd Pensin and more. He was also one of the Sabahan Movie called as Ulu Kukut The Movie which is also co-directed by Richado Studio Works. Check his work at YouTube at his own company names called as Tampasak Production. Check his FB at here > JASON J Bullah.

Here is some of his work at You Tube :-

Selain menjadi salah seorang juruvideo yang hebat di Sabah, ataupun di Borneo.. Jason J Bullah juga merupakan seorang insan yang mempunyai suara yang lunak dan pernah mencipta lagunya sendiri. Beliau mendendangkan lagu tersebut ketika Pesta Kaamatan 2009 di Pentas Luar, KDCA, Penampang.

The Videoman in Town

🙂 Lupa pula mau ucap Happy New Year 2012!! By the way, here is my new FB Pages Look >



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