Pelancaran ‘Kundasang Rock’ Telemovie – Part l

Last night, David Chong @ Aramaitee Event invite me to join with him to a dinner at Karambunai Nexus Resort. He said that there is a telemovies launching. It was Kundasang Rock Telemovie. It was produce by Kundasang Rock Productions, co-operate with Bayo Pictures Sdn Bhd. First of all, I didn’t realize about this telemovie until I was there last night. This telemovie has been told to all as this would be another next level to Sabahan as to get higher in this arena, and it was told a few years ago. Last night, during the dinner.. I’ve a chance to chit chat with one of their most important people. Then, he told me that there is a few internal problem between the management team during the period of shooting. It was a great challenge to all of them. Another thing, the cost of doing this telemovie raising to three times as what they plan. Huhu.. What a problem! Well, for me that is the problem to any film producer when they try to be involve in this kind of business. Its hard but once you already get old in this thing, its would be an easy work to do. The telemovie itself, I don’t get their synopsis yet but seeing their thriller last night., it was a romantic + comedy. You would laugh and at the end of it, you would a little bit crying.. (*kalau termenangis laa… hehe.. ).  I’ve shoot some of the thriller image and also their starring during I am at ballroom’s outside. Felix Agus was one of their starring for this telemovie with Lydia Anthony as its heroin. Badly, Felix Agus is not perform during the launching because of some problem. Well, Lydia as their heroin was an amazing person. Even though, Felix Agus was not in there to talk with the media and their fan, she was really doing her job as one of the starring. Talk to the media, fans, their management and so on. She is talkative, friendly and also her big bonus is the camera is not shy to her as she wasn’t too. Enjoy the photos!


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