Precious Moment

To capture groom & bride’s beautiful moment is my priority during their actual wedding day. The different between pre-wedding & actual wedding day photography is the Moment. You can design ur pre-wedding moment anytime but to design ur actual wedding day for the 2nd time or 3rd time is not same with ur 1st time. 🙂 Some people said, you still can do your pre-wedding photography eventhough you are already became a parent, as long as you can maintain your body and so on. Most of people in my place, to get a such high budget of an actual wedding day party is not easy. Unless you are a good thrifty or maybe your family is bloody rich. Then, you can design your actual wedding day with a full blast preparation. But if you are only a servant to government or maybe a budget businessman, then you must decide a very best actual wedding day party with what do you have. Nowadays, people thinking that to have a good or beautiful photos in internet such like FB, Blog, or wherever in this unlimited network is really important and they were sometime influenced to that ways of how to have a really good picture. They forgot to thinking about who they are or what they have in their pocket. At the end of the day, the actual wedding day is not prepare as what they want., for an example, the food & beverage is not enough, wine is finished at the middle of the party, etc. Then, the important thing is they precious moment during the party is not capture well or not develop as what they dream. Why is that happened? I must saying this as this ‘thing’ is not prepare well. They put most of their budget on pre-wedding, wedding dress, bandboys, the hall’s rent, more. They lose to remember the most important thing. Most of ‘old people’, including me regret about their wedding day preparation. Looking back to the photos during their actual wedding day, there is a need to have a wedding day again., it is because the precious moment is not capture well, neither in desk memory, but only in mind. People keep asking where and where is the photos. How to answer them?

A few months ago, I was shooting a wedding couple at one of the district in here and it was their wedding day. During the day, my client and some others wedding couple would be solemnize together at the same day. They were four wedding couples, including my client. To became a story, after a few weeks of the wedding day. One of the mother’s couple (it was not my client lah..) calling me and ask me if I have picture of her daughter’s wedding day. She told me that they don’t have a photographer during the day. So, they asking me if I have some and told me that they would pay any amount for it. Badly, I don’t have any good side of their photos during the day (my new experience.. ). That’s I called as a memory. It was not because you don’t have a budget but you lose to plan for it. Some of a new photographer or a beginner photogs, they eager to ask for only a minimal price of their photography package. Sometime, it only as cheap as RM350 or maybe less than that. Some other asking for more than that even though they were also a really new beginner in this industry. They asking about RM1.5k. The reason is their gear is really expensive (I knew one of a new photographer spend around Rm40k to buy his 1st complete gear.. this was happened a few years ago. If not mistaken, it was on 2008 ) or maybe they just attend an expensive course of photography or maybe because they are famous landscape photographer, or because they just won a photography competition, or owww.. many more example lah guys. The bad thing is the photographer itself actually really not ‘prepare’ well in this kind of genre. That the worst thing. Most of them, learn the same theory or the same kind of DSLR but to capture the right time or to be at the place at the right time or how to handle they ownself at the different kind of place, they need to learn it by time and time and time. The bad thing about this is the time is about six months or maybe more than that. Than, this is thing that groom & bride in making must plan. Put this thing in your important actual wedding day’s timetable. You really have to or not, you’ll regret forever. Have a nice day!

*Enjoy this great moment of Roland & Jekoline’s photos during their wedding day. I am really enjoy at your wedding party guys! Thanks for believing my work and my specialist crew. 🙂


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