Actual Wedding Day of Clarence & Amybessey

This is my 2nd time to shot a wedding at Hotel Juta Keningau after the first time, around 2 years ago. This place got a suitable arena to do this kind of ceremony, Nikah’s Ceremony. Their have the convenient facility as for wedding event. The price or the renting amount was in package with the room too. You can check it again with the hotel administration for more detail. Google their hotel address or telephone number using internet. 🙂

Anyway, I was glad as Amy and Umil @ Clarence choose me as their off photog for their big day. Clarence was originally from Kg. Kirokot, Tambunan and Amybessey is from Keningau. Both of them know each other since 7 years ago, as a friend, a couple and now as a Husband & Wife. For normal people, 7 years to stay in the same line or to sincere to each other and to hold their relationship until their marriage is not easy. I am really admiring with their relationship. This is we called as believing each other, loving each other, stick to each other and remembering to each other. Even though they were working far away from each other. Clarence working at JUPEM, KK and Amy, at Klinik Kesihatan Pensiangan. How is that? 🙂 Amazing!! I salute to you guys!!! God bless to both you guys!!! Here is some of my favourite photos of their Nikah’s Ceremony.

Date : 26 Mei 2012
Nikah’s Place – Hotel Juta Keningau
Reception’s Place – Dewan Arked Keningau

*Taken using Nikon D700 + 24-120mm/F4.


2 thoughts on “Actual Wedding Day of Clarence & Amybessey

  1. Cantik sekali kedua mempelai. Umil@Clarence is my first cousin. His mother is my mom’s elder sister. Sayang sekali saya tidak dapat hadir semasa hari perkahwinan mereka sebab saya berada di UMS untuk persediaan Peperiksaan Semester. Apapun Tahniah buat abang Umil dan welcome to the family buat Amybessey J.Nuing ^^

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