Tripod & Monopod (flexible used)

Tripod is stand for three a portable three-legged frame, used as a platform for supporting the weight and maintaining the stability of some other object. 🙂 Taken this word from Wikipedia as you also can read it here, Wikipedia – Tripod. This tripod is used by photographer, soldier, surveyor, and many more.

As this photo, Young George Washington (ink sketch) surveying an area at USA, Year 1958. Source :

Monopod is also have the same purpose as Tripod. You can read the basic knowledge about it here, Wikipedia – Monopod. This two things were really important either in the war (using by soldier) or in the world or photography.

We using this both, but beside this two Pod, there is also a Bipod but this one is usually use only by soldier to reduce the motion of the rifles or the machine gun. Read more here, Wikipedia – Bipod.

Indeed, this pods usually used by soldier or photographer, or by more.. but, what about if we use this pods for other than the said thing? 🙂 But, this design would be Tripod + Monopod + Big Size of Reflector + Umbrella.. hehe

*This photo was taken during our last trip to Moyog River, Sabah, MY with all of my girls @ daughter and my nephew.


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