Simple Portraiture Photoshot featuring Sheryll Josh

Sheryll Josh is a singer from our lovely land, Sabah. She is originally from Kota Marudu and now based at Kota Kinabalu as a singer for Lembaga Kebudayaan Negeri Sabah. Here is her single, Nung Mamanau Koh (Click to watch on Youtube). This song was made by Benn Simon Bukag.  You can contact Sheryll via her Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. 🙂 I met this girl a few years ago but only got chance to do this photoshot recently with my Qaseh Abadi Studio Owner, Yusz Nizam Yusof. 🙂

This is my favorite photo of during the day. 🙂 Make me remember the other to be post here soon ya’. 🙂 Enjoy this!




One thought on “Simple Portraiture Photoshot featuring Sheryll Josh

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