Mr & Mrs. Bangkok @Bunga Raya Resort, Gaya Island

A short intro about this couple, they are from United States of America and now working at Bangkok, Thailand. I was contacted by Mr. Bangkok (I used to call now them with this safe’s name.. :)) a few weeks before the day they were at Sabah.

On the day of the photoshot (Dec 30, 2016),  I went to meet them at The Bunga Raya Resort by 3.00pm and I am suppose to be at the island at least by 4.00pm but the weather are really bad. The wave are so big and make me wait until 4.40pm to take off using the resort’s big boat, and we suppose to have this photoshot during the sunset time and we hopefully to have a nice sunset view, but those north monsoon can’t even gave us a chance to have it. By the way, we luckily to have some photo. Here it is.









I am happy and fun working this couple. Mr.Bangkok is a funny guy while his wife is really sporting. Thanks for both of you guys. I have a great and new experience working with you both. Eventhough, the weather didn’t really quite good during our photoshot, your laughing and fun make our photoshot moving smooth. Really fun, crazy, romantic and laughing like the world is our. It’s amazing wrap!!

Graciass to both of you!!!


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