About Japrin @ Pirut

I am into photography. Especially in Wedding Photography genre. It was my current business. I am from Keningau, Sabah and based at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. As a Wedding Photographer in this own land, I know almost of part in Sabah. Too many culture, different races and different religion. It was beautiful in here. A lot of beautiful places too.,such like Mount Kinabalu, Crocer Range, Sipadan Island, Mabul Island, The Tip of Borneo and so on. Well, you can hired me as your wedding photographer to all the part in Sabah. Either we can be there using land transportation or maybe way are an ocean. We can discuss about it. I am a hardworking photographer. I can be your 12 hours’s Wedding Photographer or more than that. Anyway, I am a happy go luckyman, open minded, flexible, and easy to work with.

Pay me as your Official Wedding Photographer with a cheap fees as it was started from RM1100 onwards.. 🙂 Then, I’ll be at your special day from the beginning [Can we start it from 6.30am ? :)] until both of you tired or maybe until the weddings guest totally went to their home.. I’ll shoot all about your wedding day, either it will be at your house, mosque, church, chapel, beach, or where ever it is,.and its include the guest smile, the dancing time, the tajau, the gaman – gaman, the bahar, the sumazau dance, your special ring, your ex-bf@gf, your grandma/pa, the whole of your family, your wedding cake, the flower boy/girl, your wedding stage, your wedding gown, or maybe your shoes,.. and off course both you and your family! Adding is your own choice style,.. what ever you want it to be!! At least, give me chance to save all your moments into my memory card, shooting by my Nikon D700 & NikonD90 DSLR camera.. I’ll do my best into it!! 🙂

Contact Me at.,

Email – japrinthomas@gmail.com

Digi : +60-014 672 3267 (whatsapp + sms)

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